Self Regulation of the Nervous System

The S-O-S Exercises are self regulation techniques for the nervous system and can be used for emotional first aid and stress relief but also as a prevention tool. Practiced on regular basis, the nervous system will be trained to be more flexible and to have the ability to adjust in daily life as in challenging situations.

The self-regulation techniques where put in a certain row. This was invented by Kati Bohnet from Helpers Circle in Germany. 

They are also illustrated in a storybook for children, from the age of 3.

This is what Kati Bohnet says about the S-O-S Exercises:

S-O-S stands for Somatically Oriented Security and promotes the feeling of security in all people.

This is the basic basis for learning, growth and healing.

The basis for the S-O-S hands-on exercises is that of Dr. Peter Levine developed methods for coping with trauma Somatic Experiencing®, developed by Dr. Steven Porges discovered polyvagal theory as well as the EmotionAid exercises developed by Gina Ross.

"Only when we stand well ourselves can we hold others" -Kati Bohnet

This is an example where I guide through the S-O-S-Exercises.