The Ki-Exercises are mainly based on exercises from qigong. These exercises are primarily intended to awaken the awareness of inner movements, which can then be shown in external movements.

The Ki-Exercises are a mixture of mindful movements, relaxation and breathing exercises and working with our imagination.

I learned my basic knowledge of the Ki exercises from Osamu Aoki Sensei. He is chief instructor of the JKA Spain and calls his method Aoki Bio-Energy & Karate.

There are a variety of Ki-Exercises, most of which are described in the book, Ki-Karate: preparation, Ki-Exercises, Karate techniques. I wrote this book together with Dr. Petra Schmidt and is available from Werner Kristkeitz Verlag and in every bookstore. This book is currently only available in German language.

On my Instagrams and YouTube Channels, I give examples on how this exercises are regulating our Nervous System and dealing with our energetic body, to improve the state of our wellbeing and health situation improvements.

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