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Maybe you are reading about the S-O-S-Exercises for the first time and came to my site and offers "by chance". So I will briefly explain what the S-O-S-Exercises are and what they are good for. 

Somatic - oriented - security is the written form. Through techniques such as the "Butterfly touch", we set impulses via our body to the autonomous nervous system. With that, we encourage self-regulation. What is it good for?

Do you recognize one or more of these physical states: 

If you find yourself in one or the other, then the S-O-S-Exercises by Kati Bohnet can help you to alleviate these physical states, completely dissolve or also let you recognize more in-depth needs.

With the individual instruction with the S-O-S-Exercises, I can fully support you. Somatic mindfulness will also be part of the coaching, as it is closely linked to the exercises for me. You set the pace, I answer your questions and listen to you.

I look forward to accompanying you individually with the exercises.

Tanja Mayer - Coach

The knowledge about the functioning of the nervous system, the S-O-S exercises and somatic mindfulness are integral parts of my daily life. I pass it on as a certified S-O-S trainer, in courses, workshops and now as a one-to-one guide for people who want individual support.

Stress regulation and self-care with the S-O-S exercises and the somatic mindfulness practice are part of my life. My own biography brought me to these exercises and influenced my life decisively positively.

The meeting takes place via Zoom - Online.

For the one-to-one instructions from me for you, I invite you to contact me by e-mail.

I charge a trainer fee of €90.

A session lasts a maximum of 60 minutes.