For you

As an S-O-S trainer, I will inform you about the functioning of the nervous system, in terms of stress and trauma. I teach you self-regulation exercises (S-O-S Exercises by Kati Bohnet) and strategies for your nervous system. 

All the exercises, meditations and knowledge transfer are either free of charge or, if they are related to my karate trainer activity, offered accordingly.

For Events in German, please follow the Website: www.sostrainer.com 

My field of activity includes:

- Stress management and relaxation.

- Psychoeducation in the nervous system and stress-related diseases.

- Mindfulness training

My qualifications include:

- Certified health care nurse with further training as specialist nurse.

- Licensed karate trainer, over 30 years of experience as a course instructor, further education under sport pro health

- Certified S-O-S trainer by Kati Bohnet - Helpers Circle.

- Training in Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure) and reflexology according to Hanne Marquardt

- Ongoing training since 2021 on the nervous system, somatic mindfulness, trauma and trauma prevention at Kati Bohnet - Helpers Circle Berlin.

- Numerous self-reflection and self-experience workshops at Verena König - Creative Transformation

- Trauma therapy self-experience from 2011 -2017

Helping people help themselves

I show you exercises and tell you how your nervous system works. The knowledge gives you orientation and through the exercises you learn to take care of yourself well.

Building Resilience

The exercises supports your nervous and energetic system. Step by step you gain confidence and orientation in dealing with yourself. You trust yourself more and find your way in dealing with the life situation you encounter.

Peer to Peer

Trauma-informed by my own trauma history, therapies and numerous workshops, I would like to support you with questions that you encounter in daily life. As far as I can do this from the wealth of experience of my way. 

My offerings are not coaching or a therapy substitute.

Self-Regulation Techniques for your Nervous- and energetic System

Be Awareness

Mindfulness Principles to become an Observer

“The first act of true love is to stop. To stop running away and to look at ourselves and to learn what is there to learn. And that’s meditation really. Meditation is a bird with two wings - stopping, deep looking. Stopping from running physically, mentally, psychologically - you stop running. So that you can look deeply into what is, what was, what will be.”

-Sr. Dang Nghiem (Plum Village)-